Hinode/EIS Analysis Software

Welcome to the MSSL Hinode/EIS Analysis Software page. The EIS software hqas evolved since the start of the mission and here we try to explain the current situation.

Software based on IDL/SolarSoft

SolarSoft is a software tree maintained and NASA/GSFC with contributions from many institutions and individuals; it contains different branches for each observatory and sub-branches for instruments on the observatories. the tree is now quite extensive but you only need to install the branches of the software that you need for you analysis.

To support operations, and facilitate data analysis, a suite of software for all the Hinode instruments was developed within the IDL/SolarSoft tree.

For more information about Solarsoft, and how to install and maintain it, see here.

Available user guides for Hinode/EIS are listed here.

Software based on Python

More recently, in order to support analysis of EIS observations in conjunction with the Solar Orbiter and DKIST observatories, software based on Python has been developed by NRL.

The EISPAC software is avaiable in GitHub.

An explanation of how to use the software is given here.  

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