EIS Science Related Documents

These are a list of documents that are directly related to scientific issues.

  • EIS Science Requirements:
    This is the science requirement document that has defined our instrument requirements

  • Automatic Exposure Control:
    This document describes the method for determining the automatic exposure control on board EIS.

  • Event Trigger:
    This document describes the method for determining an 'event' during rastering.

  • EIS flare trigger:
    This document describes the method for finding flares within with EIS field of view. EIS can also respond to the flare trigger that will be used on the X-ray telescope (XRT).

  • XRT flare trigger for EIS:
    This is EIS response to XRT flare trigger.

  • EIS science team list:
    This is a list of the members of the EIS science team with their contact details.

  • EIS CCD system requirements:
    These are the requirements for the CCDs based on the science requirements.

  • EIS sequencer:
    This document describes how the on board software organises the rastering and sequence structures.

  • EIS post-launch regular calibration plan:
    This document details the calibration activities for EIS during the 90-day science plan and normal operations.

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