Tutorial for narrow slit data#

This tutorial consists of a number of worksheets that take you from downloading data to generating data products such as velocity and density maps. Each step is described in a worksheet that has some exercises to try out. The observation used is an active region observation from 2006 December 9, 11:30 UT.

If you would like to print out the worksheets as PDF files, go to the bottom of each worksheet page and click on the link 'View PDF of this page'.

Worksheet 1 - Finding EIS data and downloading
Worksheet 2 - Calibrating EIS data (eis_prep)
Worksheet 3 - Reading data into an IDL object
Worksheet 4 - Using the EIS quicklook software (xfiles)
Worksheet 5 - Extracting window data to a structure - eis_getwindata
Worksheet 6 - Fitting Gaussians to the data
Worksheet 7 - Viewing fit results
Worksheet 8 - Creating a density map