Missing data and files#

Following the change from X-band to S-band antenna operations around January 2008, the Hinode instruments have suffered from data loss problems. For EIS between February and September 2008, around 15 % of data have been lost. Since early September the situation has improved somewhat and only around 2-3 % of data are going missing.

The missing data are evidenced by one of the following:

  1. missing FITS files
  2. FITS file exists, but there are missing exposures
  3. FITS file exists and all exposures are present, but the level-0 data windows contain some zeros

The last two types are fairly easy for a user to spot, but if a FITS file is missing the only way you can find this out is by checking what was planned for EIS for the day you are looking at. To do this, do (in IDL):

IDL> s=fix_zdbase(/eis)
IDL> eis_mk_plan

and choose the date you're interested in.