1. Complete_List_Of_EIS_Studies?

I am just wondering if there is a complete list of EIS studies available? The list I found online seems to be incomplete.

--, 22-Jun-2007

The full list is actually available through solarsoft, if you have the EIS branch downloaded. Firing up either eis_xstudy (just lists them) or eis_mk_study (to make and edit them) should give you the chance to load a study. If you're not seeing them, then there's probably one of two problems: either you're set up to use just your personal database (http://solar-b.nao.ac.jp/hinode_wiki/index.php?fix_zdbase) and there's nothing there, or you're set up to use the official database, and it's not being pointed to correctly.

We don't distribute it in SSWDB, just in the normal SSW EIS branch, so that shouldn't be a worry.

--Dave Williams, 25-Jun-2007

The studies you found on MSSL hinode/eis website (https://vsolar.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/SolarB/EisStudies.jsp) are not completed, however there is a plan to provide complete list of EIS (science) studies online on the website. It is coming soon, so please come back to check it. At the moment, please use "eis_xstudy" or "eis_mk_study" in solarsoft, like David suggested above.

--JianSun, 25-Jun-2007

The EIS study page on MSSL website (https://vsolar.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/SolarB/EisStudies.jsp) are now completed.

Click button on left column to check details of the study (rasters, line-list, exp.-time, etc.) and click button on right column to search all eis fits files generated by this study.


--JianSun, 2007-09-27