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!!!Welcome to the Hinode/EIS Wiki
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!Quick start
Thanks for visiting the EISWiki!
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* For testing things, try the [SandBox].
* For a quick look on what Wiki is, check out [OneMinuteWiki].
* For a guideline on good working habits with wiki, see [WikiEtiquette].
The EIS wiki contains all you need to request, obtain and analyse data from the EIS
instrument on board Hinode. By registering you will be able to use the wiki to ask
questions and discuss issues with the EIS instrument team and its community of
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!Installation issues
!! Read. Contribute. Participate. Connect!
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* If you run Microsoft Windows, then probably you want to take a look
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Anyone can contribute to the wiki, so please do!
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!Full documentation
Far from being just a discussion board, you can also post articles, comment on other people's pages, get discussions started there, and read everything that's been posted about EIS, its operations, its science, and the latest hints on how to analyse the data. If you discover any EIS quirks, or new techniques for analysing some data please post them here to let everyone know! We have helpful links in the sections in the side-bar, so join in the discussions, or start one of your own!\\
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* [JSPWikiFAQ] - A list of some frequently asked questions.
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Making full use of the EISWiki is of huge benefit to yourself and the community around you.
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!!Getting Started with EIS
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* [JSPWikiTips] may help you a bit.
* To see what this particular wiki is about, click on the Wiki name
on the top left corner of the browser window, or [click here|SystemInfo].
;__How do I use EIS data?__
__see also__\\
*[EIS Data Archive Guide|]
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EIS data are freely available over the internet and the EIS team provide software written in IDL that is distributed through Solarsoft.
* [Find EIS Data|]
* [Data Analysis Guide|EISAnalysisGuide]
* [EIS Instrument Info for Data Analysis|EISInstrumentation]
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Good luck, and thanks for choosing JSPWiki!
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--[Janne Jalkanen|].
;__How do I obtain new observations?__
__see also__\\
*[Planning Q & A|]
*[Designing New Studies|]
*[Planning Tool Guide|]
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Anybody can request a new observation with EIS. Please check out the EIS capabilities, and then send your request or design a new study.
* [EIS Capabilities|EisCap]
* [Planning and Operation|PlanOperation]
* [Requesting Observations|]
* [Available Studies for EIS Observation|]
* [Operational restrictions|SbandObservingInfo]
;__How can I contribute to the Wiki?__
__see also__\\
*[Wiki User Guide|UserGuide]
*[Edit Page Help|EditPageHelp] and [Text Formatting|TextFormattingRules]
*[Recent Changes|RecentChanges]
*[Lost Password?|]
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If you have a question related to EIS, find a problem with the data, or discover something interesting, please share this through the wiki.
* [Register for a wiki account|RegNotice]
* [Discussion area|EisDiscussion]
* [Ask a question|ContactSiteAdmin]
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