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* Want a account on [EISWiki|https://vsolar.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/eiswiki]? Please following the following steps to register:


Please send us an email (see __Contact__ section on the bottom) providing the following information:

;[Login Name|]:This is your account name. (Please not include spaces or punctuation in your account name)

;[Wiki Name|]:This is the name showing on the wiki page when you login. You can check more information about [Wiki Name|WikiName]

;[Full Name|]:Your full name

;[Email Address|]:Leave your e-mail address here to recover your password.

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* You need to email the above information to the Wiki site Administrator listed below.

* Once we receive your email about account application, we will send you back with your user account and login password. Then you may go to [Log in Page|] to login and start to use EISWiki!

* Contact:

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