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!! Description

Finds and lists all pages that refer to the current page.

!! Parameters 

* __max__=''n'' : How many pages to list.  Default is 10. Some pages might create very long lists, so it's a good idea to limit the list size.
* __maxwidth__=''n'' : Limits the length of the generated links to at most ''n'' characters.  This should used to keep the [LeftMenu] or [LeftMenuFooter] at a manageable width.  Default is to not limit the length at all.
* __separator__=''<markup>'' : What should be  put between the different items.  It's __WikiMarkup__, and by default it's two backslashes (meaning a carriage return, or <br />). JesseWilbur: If you want to use something like a "|", you have to put it in single quotes. separator='|'
* __page__=''<page name>''
* __before__=''<markup>''
* __after__=''<markup>''

This plugin extends AbstractReferralPlugin and therefore inherits its parameters.

!! Example

{{{[{INSERT ReferringPagesPlugin}]}}}